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Preserving and protecting the historical and cultural resources of South Amboy, New Jersey

Who We Are

The Historical Society of South Amboy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and management of historical and cultural resources of South Amboy, NJ and to provide educational opportunities for both its membership and the general public.

Upcoming Events 


April 20, 2024

A Tribute to John Vona

More to come...

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Our History Gallery

HSSA History Gallery

141N Broadway

South Amboy


Meetings start at 6pm and are held at our History Gallery on the fourth Tuesday of the month (with the exception of June, July and August).


Membership is open to all - please feel free to join us!

Recent Events

Winter 2024 Breakfast with a Side of Innovation


Mission Statement


1. To celebrate, protect and preserve the ongoing heritage of South Amboy through public education, community awareness and an enhanced appreciation of our local history.


2. To collect and preserve historical data, records and artifacts such as family histories, relics, archaeological materials, papers incident to the genealogical, biographical, civil, political, military, transportation, religious and general history of South Amboy, including material objects to record conditions, events and activities of the past and present such as cemetery records, census data, newspapers and local vital records as available.


3. Whenever feasible, the Society shall protect and preserve buildings and sites of special historical interest or significance.


4. To identify and mark historical buildings, sites, and places of local historic interest with suitable monuments and/or markers for community reference and education.


5. To foster and promote public knowledge, appreciation and interest in local history by providing planned displays and educational events to share and disseminate historical information and instruction to the public in order to provide beneficial educational opportunities and activities to the community such as discussions, lectures, cultural and historical media and presentations.

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